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B!TONIC® Lady: beauty complex for women

B!TONIC® Lady: beauty complex for women

Vegetable capsules with collagen, coenzyme Q10, B vitamins, zinc and vitamin E.

  • For the overall health and youthfulness of women of all ages
  • Gluten-free, lactose-free and free from allergens
  • Caution: Product is not vegan!

Dietary supplement specially developed for the needs of women.

With increasing age, the metabolic processes and processes in the body slow down. From the age of 25, the characteristics of the aging process become noticeable. The B!TONIC® Lady capsules were specially developed to support the health and well-being of women of all ages.

Why B! TONIC® Lady dietary supplement?

  • GERMAN QUALITY FROM THE EU: B!TONIC® Lady is GMO-free & is manufactured in Germany under the highest production standards.
  • OPTIMAL BIOAVAILABILITY, NATURAL PURITY : Without genetic engineering, additives and gelatine! We only use natural bioactive plant substances.
  • SCIENCE FROM AUSTRIA: B! TONIC® Lady was developed by Austrian pharmacists in a study-oriented manner and contains only high-quality, natural micronutrients with the highest bioavailability.
  • (ANTI-)AGING STARTS FROM INSIDE : The metabolic processes in our body decrease with increasing age.
  • HORMONAL BALANCE AND WELL-BEING : Dietary supplements for women: In addition to changes in skin and hair and effects on fat and bone metabolism, hormonal fluctuations also have an impact on our well-being.

Capsules suitable for:

  • Women who want to maintain and improve the beauty of their skin, nails and hair.
  • Improvement of the hormonal balance
  • Women who want to counteract the signs of aging.

Ingredient list:

Natural vitamin C (obtained from the acerola cherry), collagen hydrolyzate, zinc, coenzyme Q10, natural grape seed extract, vitamin E, B vitamins, selenium, biotin, etc.

B!TONIC ® Lady is available here .

Content: 60 capsules

B!TONIC dietary supplements: EU added value and German quality.

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