About us

We are an international company headquartered in Vienna, founded in 2014.
As a young, dynamic and health-conscious company, we use the latest scientific findings from nutritional research to offer innovative and individual nutritional supplements for young and old.


Lifecare Essentials is always dedicated to perfecting the general business model as well as innovative sales and marketing strategies and B2B cooperations as well as developing optimal and unique products. Lifecare researches the latest product trends on a daily basis and informs about market trends as well as new customer segments in the areas of pharmaceutical nutrition, mental and physical health as well as beauty and lifestyle.


Lifecare has set itself the goal of making a valuable contribution to the topic of health. As the slogan says: We care for your life. Therefore, a special focus is placed on the topic of product development in order to provide the best possible support for all people in all walks of life with highly qualified dietary supplements.


The Lifecare team is as exclusive and diverse as Vienna, the company's headquarters. Talents from different disciplines and countries. The team members come from Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Romania and Serbia. The individuality and the different characters are reflected in the work culture and the professional relationships with partners, customers and consultants. This synergy creates an authentic and unique employee culture.


The products

Under the B!TONIC® brand, we develop, produce and market performance supplements® for people
who want to maintain their physical and mental health.

You can find our products online and in selected pharmacies. Of course, any pharmacy can also order your product for you.
Simply state the PZN (pharmacy central number) of the desired product.

We take the motto "A healthy mind in a healthy body" seriously and have formulated our products in such a way that
that they offer the ideal supplements for your individual challenges.

Our products are subject to the highest quality standards. Of course, we are guided by European standards.
In addition, we have also developed our own guidelines to which we are strictly bound.

We make every effort to ensure that our products are free from gluten, sugar, gelatine, allergens and lactose, so that they guarantee optimal tolerability.
It is also our goal that our products are vegan, i.e. free of substances of animal origin. Only where we make a significant difference to your health
Seeing the advantage, we use non-vegan substances.

Our formulations are developed with a team of experts from science and practice. So that we can offer you products,
that are perfectly tailored to your needs. We evaluate the challenges you face every day, determine what you are missing and what you need.

That's why we bring those people into our team who deal with the latest developments in the sector on a daily basis and understand the challenges they face.

We use current studies and the latest findings and go in search of the best ingredients.
This is how we develop the ideal nutrient mix for you.

We have also chosen the best partners for the production of our products. They guarantee the highest standards in the procurement of ingredients,
the manufacture of products and packaging. Various certifications prove the quality.

Our goal is not only to supplement you in your diet.
We want to move you to a healthy, active lifestyle and inspire you with our knowledge about it.

B!TONIC® Essentials line

Each product of the B!TONIC® Essentials line represents a unique formulation, selected and developed with the aim of providing the body with an essential amount of daily nutrients: from vitamins to minerals, from fatty acids to antioxidants. The high bioavailability and the right mix of ingredients ensure that the body receives the nutrients it needs for the proper functioning of the selected important metabolic pathways. Therefore, the products of the Essentials line are highly effective in supporting general well-being and maintaining physical and/or mental health and are therefore intended for the general public and suitable for any point of sale.


B!TONIC® Medical

B!TONIC® Medical is a range of dietary supplements with selected and optimized ingredients that complement specific medical therapy and help with hormone, enzyme or metabolic deficiencies or with recovery after treatments. These dietary supplements are developed with the collaboration and attention of medical professionals, require a trained exchange of information with the customer at the point of sale and are therefore mainly recommended for distribution in pharmacies.